The International Beethoven Society was founded in July 2005 in Berlin. Its aim is to promote Ludwig van Beethoven’s works all over the world, following the biographical and musical trace that the composer has left. Supporting the work of German, Polish, Romanian and Czech musicians and scientists in particular, the Society organizes many concerts, symposia and orchestral academies, bearing in mind the value of the international exchange of opinions as well as their contribution in the unification of Europe. The events take place not only in Berlin but also in such important places for the composer as Hradec nad Moravicí (Czech Republic) and Glogowek (Poland).


In 2010 K. M. Kopitz (one of the founders of the IBS) published a book Beethoven, Elisabeth Röckel und das Albumblatt Für Elise, which presents the scientific research of particular IBS members.


Thanks to the collaboration with the Universität der Künste in Berlin the Society was able to create Beethoven Academies. During those one-week-long master classes students have the opportunity to work with eminent professors on their interpretation of Beethoven’s works, take part in chamber music recitals and orchestral projects.


Since 2008 the International Beethoven Society has awarded multiple prizes for young, aspiring artists e. g. Prof. Cadenbach Prize given during Music Competition in Oldenburg or the Beethoven Prize awarded during the second round of Jugend musiziert Competition in Berlin. Since 2014 the IBS is the organizer of the International Beethoven Chamber Music Competition. Additionally, the first edition of the International Music Competition for Youth Young Ludwig will take place in 2020 in Berlin.


In 2020 the Internationale Beethoven Gesellschaft changed its administration to the PhD Arturo Palomba, with which future projects are already being planned.